Rocket.Chat's GSOC Alumni Summit 2022

We are pleased to announce our Google Summer of Code Alumni Summit 2022. Our goal is to bring former and new contributors together, among other interested parties to share experiences, insights, and tips on how to get the most out of this amazing program.

Live Stream ended

Recordings are available on Youtube

Open Source is not only about technology. It's about people too! Human connections that will expand your network and enable you to both learn and teach along the way.











06/04/2022 10:00 AM

Summit KickOff!

Let's get it started!

Rohan Lekhwani

06/04/2022 10:20 AM

Writing That Winning Proposal

Software engineer at Gojek, GSoC'22 mentor

Priya Bihani

06/04/2022 10:40 AM

How to create proposal for your Rocket.Chat Application

Sponsored student for GSOC Project with Rocket.Chat | MLH fellow 2022 | Open Source Contributor & Full stack developer

Kartik Gupta

06/04/2022 11:00 AM

How to get started with Rocket.Chat codebase!

GSOC 2021 with Rocket.Chat | Open Source Contributor | Full stack developer & Instructor.


06/04/2022 11:20 AM

Let's talk!

Let's connect and share ideas!

Govind Dixit

06/04/2022 11:50 AM

Demystify GSoC: Tips & Tricks for a Successful Proposal

Building CRED, ex-Urban Company, Headout GSoC'21 Mentor, GSoC'20 & 19 Student @Rocket.Chat

Arthur Temporim

06/04/2022 12:10 PM

What will happen after Rocket.Chat GSOC?

A Software Engineer with experience with chatbot development and participation in OSS communities.

Anant Bhasin

06/04/2022 12:30 PM

Communication in GSOC program

Student, currently Analyst Intern (Engineering) at Goldman Sachs


06/04/2022 12:50 PM

Let's talk!

Let's connect and share ideas!

Rahul Halder

06/04/2022 1:20 PM

Making the most out of GSoC

SWE Intern @Headout, GSoC '21 @Rocket.Chat, pre-final year CS undergrad

Fongang Rodrique

06/04/2022 1:40 PM

Survive GSoC as a Newbie

Technical Writer at Rocket.Chat

Murtaza Patrawala

06/04/2022 2:00 PM

Tips on writing your GSoC proposals

Software Engineer at Rocket.Chat

Rudrank Riyam

06/04/2022 2:20 PM

Crafting your Proposal for Google Summer of Code

Developer Relations Engineer at Codemagic

Karan Bedi

06/04/2022 2:40 PM

Impact of GSoC on my life

Ex. Co-founder & CTO (YC W21), Ex. D. E. Shaw, Viasat, GSoC '19, Mentor, GSoC '18, Student, Currently transitioning into the Web3 space.

Q&A and Final Notes

06/04/2022 3:00 PM

Wrapping up

Question and final notes.